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The Benefits of Montessori Education for Toddlers: (Early advantages of Montessori for young children)

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Welcome to the Creative World of Montessori, where we provide the best education for your toddlers! Toddlers may look tiny and pint-sized, but they bring a whole hurricane of curiosity and joy. While they’re busy mastering the fine art of walking without wobbling and crafting their first masterpieces on your living room wall, there’s something … Continued

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Fostering Creativity in Montessori Classrooms: (How Montessori encourages artistic expression)

Creativity in Montessori Classrooms

Welcome to the Creative World of Montessori, where kids are encouraged to think outside the box, and the whole educational experience is built on creativity. The role of creative expression cultured within Montessori can be seen as similar to sowing seeds in rich, black soil—they are sown carefully, tended to lovingly, and then nurtured to … Continued

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Montessori vs. Traditional Education: (Comparing methodologies and outcomes)

Montessori education

Selecting the ideal learning environment for your child is a really important decision you must consider. The two most famous methods of learning are Montessori and Traditional education. Both offer different approaches to learning and have their advantages. Usually, the best option will depend on your child’s preferred learning method and your education priorities. Now, … Continued

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5 Fun & Healthy Activities To Do With Your Kids

It can be hard to come up with creative and healthy ways to spend time with our kids. Often it can be tempting to let them watch TV or play video games while we parents do more “grown-up things” like chores or work. But scheduling 30 minutes or more a day with our kids without … Continued

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4 Simple Steps to Staying Healthy

We are just a few weeks into fall and we need to start preparing for the cold and flu season. Here are a few tips to keep yourself and your family healthy during the school year and beyond. Wash Hands- often Bacteria lives on fingertips, and research shows that adults touch their face, mouth, eyes … Continued

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