“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.”

- Maria Montessori

A focus on the child as a whole

Creative World of Montessori focuses on the comprehensive education of students from age 3 to 15 throughout the Dayton region and the greater Miami Valley area. Designed to ignite a passion for learning while developing important life skills, Montessori education at Creative World of Montessori encourages active learning and helps build a well rounded, engaged student.

Multi-age classrooms

Montessori classrooms are designed to encourage collaborative learning and develop leadership skills through a 3 year cycle with the same teachers.

Self-driven lessons

Lessons are delivered 1:1 from teachers that know each individual student and their learning style and abilities, empowering students to follow their passions and learn at their maximum plane of development.

Passionate learning

Students are encouraged to follow their passions and pursue their favorite subjects as far as their love of learning will take them.

Sense of community

Montessori students come from all nationalities, races and religions. The Montessori classroom is free of the many social pressures allowing to nurture the child’s social, emotional, and physical needs.

The Montessori Difference


Kindergarten - Overall  grade equivalent 2.3


Third Grade - Overall average percentile rank of national average in the 94% in reading.


Students in 6-8 grades have a grade equivalency 2+ grades ahead of their own in math.

Maya is finally learning to read. She's learning to read regular books now. That's how far she's come and she's not even 6 yet. It's great. She's doing addition. She's just thriving here. I've seen a huge change in her since enrolling her in this school. It's been amazing!

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Inspired spaces entice creative minds

Students are surrounded in a beautiful, home-like environment, mimicking the natural elements, colors and surroundings of the real world. Our classromm settings include natural light, objects from nature and inspiring areas of play that encourage experimentation and hands-on exploration that translates to the natural environments students see in their everyday lives.

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