Creating a Healthy Routine for a Healthy Life Starts with Bedtime

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One of the many struggles of parenthood includes being the enforcer of bedtime. It can be especially hard during the transition from summer break, back to school. The truth is, kids need sleep to be successful during the day. Below is the ammunition you need to reason your way through this battle to a peaceful resolution. One tactic that can be successful with children is taking time to explain the reasons why the body needs to sleep. Here are four important things that happen while children sleep. Repair muscles and rejuvenate the body for the next day- if sleep..

Anti-bacterial soap and hand sanitizers may not be the best choice for keeping your family healthy during the holidays and beyond.

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In this season of running noises and sore throats it is tempting to wipe our kids down with hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap after every sneeze and sniffle. But studies and research show that we are also wiping away the good bacteria that naturally help to defend our kids from sickness and super bugs. In fact, in September the FDA gave manufactures 12 months to remove all antibacterial soap ingredients from the market. The Food and Drug Administration says they do little or nothing to make soap work any better and said the industry has failed to prove they’re..

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